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"ensure the continued availability of teaching and learning in languages of national minorities throughout the country with a view to meeting existing demand" - Council of Europe/FCNM AC, ACFC/OP/III(2018)001REV, executive summary
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Latvian Human Rights Committee news: second quarter of 2019
LHRC members have actively taken part:
- at the conference “Global Migration Trends 2020” in Moscow (Vladimir Buzayev);
- at the European Regional Forum on Education, Language and Human Rights of Minorities and at the assembly of the European Network against Racism, both in Brussels (Aleksandr Kuzmin).
The activities of the committee and its members have been reflected at the Baltkom radio and PBK TV channel, in the MK-Latviya weekly and Jurista vārds magazine, at the portals Verfassungsblog, Rubaltic etc.
Human rights-relevant bills, consideration of which was concluded in the given period: bill 336/Lp13 on prohibiting those without Latvian citizenship to lead the Latvian Orthodox Church;  bill 122/Lp13 on prohibiting Soviet uniform at public events (both adopted); bill 346/Lp13  on compensation for the property the Jewish community lost during the Holocaust (withdrawn by authors).
Human rights-impacting bills currently on the legislative agenda include:
amendments (Nos. 321/Lp13 and 322/Lp13) to two laws, banning the use of St. George’s ribbons in public event.
the draft Law on Ceasing the Assignment of Non-Citizen Status to Children (No. 274/Lp13), relevant for some tens of newborn children every year.
the draft Law on Local Referenda (No. 162/Lp13), denying to "non-citizens" participation in those referenda.
the draft Residential Tenancy Law (No. 144/Lp13). It intends to narrow the rights of the tenants, inter alia, terminating those tenancy agreements which currently have no term of expiration.
The draft law on administrative liability in a series of spheres including the use of the official language (No. 342/Lp13)
The parliament is also considering a collective petition for demolition of the monument to the Liberators of Riga, having refused  a counter-petition having gathered more signatures in less time and calling for protection of monuments to Anti-Nazi fighters.